Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thing #23
I cannot believe I actually made it to 23!!!! Celebration time!

My favorite discoveries were Teacher Tube, Wikis, Photo Story......really everything. There are so many tools for me to utilize. I will definitely come back to the Play 2 Play page for inspiration and help. I still have so much to learn and discover. I just hope I can find the time to play around and do all the neat stuff I played with this summer over the coming school year. I was surprised at how computer literate I actually am? Who knew? Now, I am even more computer literate.....(oh, I don't want that information known to the world). I would probably do another one of these programs, but I could not during the school year, and I need to first master what I have learned from this before I move on. Spring Branch is really bad about pushing us to do more when we have not mastered the first thing first. I need time to use and understand all of this new information before I move on. I might do one next summer.....if I felt I was ready.

FUN (my one word to describe the discovery program)
Thing #22
I used Ning last year for Book Club. It was great.....because the kids (an after school enrichment program) got ahead of the teachers in completing books. The other teacher and I could not keep up with their avid reading. It got out of control. So, we linked our group to her 8th grade GT class. Her students posed questions on our Ning account we all worked together through the computers. It worked out well. I would do it again.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing # 21

I did it and I loved this...just loved it!!!! You can be creative on a computer! This was fabulous!
Here is my photo story.....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thing #20
Teacher Tube is great because you know it is appropriate for your classroom! I found a great one and cannot wait to share with my co-teacher this site and video! They even fired off an alligator! I could do without the ads.

I also enjoyed this vintage skit from Sesame Street on You Tube. I still laughed. I guess Cookie Monster is a classic like Lucy?

This was fun and I could do it all night and day. For fun I just watched 5 or 6 Adam Ant (80's) videos. I love Adam I am aging myself.
Thing # 19
The first one I went to was Hair Mixer. You can put different hairstyles on people, even yourself. I loved it. Web 2.0 awards is a great reference page. I made it a favorite, just in case I am looking for something new to use.
Thing # 18
We used Google Docs last year for papers, journals, and essay questions. It was a lot of work, but what was nice was you did not have to get the same was always there. also when we did work in the computer lab and not all the computers were loaded with Word....we just had those studetns got to their Google Docs and the lesson continued. It should be easier for us this year.
Thing # 17
Bravo to Bruce. Wonderful explanations as always. I work with Bruce and we all go to him (all women in the LA dept.) for technology help. I put some of my favorite History sites on rollyo.